Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect – Customisation

Actually we are doing quite a lot of Projects enhancing the capabilities of Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems. Finally we managed to represent that on our webpage.


Currently there is not a lot of content – but hey it’s a start.

you can have bespoke Add-Ins and Templates  for:

  • Add-Ins to make your daily work faster
  • Add-Ins to standardize Enterprise Architect usage in your organization
  • Code-Generation Templates
  • Model-Validation
  • Add-Ins for Software-Testing and System Integration
  • Special Reports
  • UML-Profiles
  • Integration with 3rd party tools/repositories, …
  • MDG Technologies
  • Statistics/Metrics
  • Custom import/export
  • Legacy tool visualizations

For inspiration you can check out “LieberLieber AMUSE” or our Codebeamer integration.

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