Free tool: EnAr Spy for Enterprise Architect

Coding for Enterprise Architect often requires lookup of data not exposed by the GUI. So the coder ends up opening SQL Management Studio or MS Access to lookup data directly from the database tables.
EnAr Spy was built to ease lookups; here at LieberLieber, it reached essential-tool status rapidly.

EnAr Spy integrates into Enterprise Architect as a custom Add-In. Once installed, the developer needs to rightclick the item he wants to investigate, to get a view containing all properties and collections.

Also included in the current version:
- execute SQL directly out of Enterprise Architect
- lookup information from repository object
- remove Version-Control from the project.

Best of all: EnAr Spy is free of charge; just download and install.

Requirements: .NET 2.0 & Enterprise Architect 8 or above.

Please note, that we will not take any responsibility on possible data loss or damage to any software or hardware.

Downloads are here:

Setup: EnArSpy 1.1.122
Dokumentation: PDF 
Demonstration: Video (1080i)

11 comments on “Free tool: EnAr Spy for Enterprise Architect

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  3. Hello. Thank you for sharing. I have DOT NET 4 and this won’t install, however. Any ideas?

  4. Hi,

    just discovered, that setup checks for .NET 3.5 installed. Probably I will remove this for the next version.

    Please note, that we will release a new version within next week.

    Improvements are done in Element Details and a new plugin called “Filtergram” allows you to filter objects in any diagram.

  5. Ok great. I’m trying to figure some changes out in EA 9 and this would help. Thanks for putting this out there! Jim.

  6. Hi there,

    for you waiting for the promised update:

    because of certificate-updates on our buildserver the new release is delayed until June 06 (next monday).

    @Jim: sorry, but you will still have to install .Net 3.5 to run EnAr spy, because of problems running .NET 4.0 plugins on EA 9.0.


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  8. Hello,

    EaAr Spy is undoubtedly an essential tool for EA Add-In developers. Extremely helpful. I’am currently using it for developing an Add-In to enable EA to support the new FAS method (Functional Architectures for Systems with SysML):

    Great work! Thank you very much for sharing it.

    Best regards,

  9. Hi,

    I recently started to develop my own tool to inspect the EA API until s.o. noticed me about EnAr Spy, so I decided it’s not worth reinventing the wheel, especially not for that’s just a tool for development of completely different things that are in the main line (also see this thread in the EA user forum:

    Basically I had the same idea, simply to show all the properties of an EA API object using a PropertyGrid. The only difference vs. EnAr Spy was, that I used an EA AddIn tool window to do this. This gives a bit smoother way to inspect selected EA objects, since you don’t need to go to the (relatively deeply nested) menu command to open the properties window, and the opened dialog doesn’t get in the way.

    The SQL query feature is (meanwhile?) available natively in EA, coming with syntax coloring and intellisense as needed. Would be nice though to get a default query proposal like
    SELECT * FROM t_object WHERE t_object.ea_guid = ”
    to be send to the clipboard on demand, or similar.

    Are you interested to ‘modernize’ and pimp EnAr Spy in this directions? I’ll be also glad to help (or modify existing code).

    Best regards,

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