Open Source ReqIF requirement import in EA

Helmut Ortman published an Open Source ReqIF importer for Sparxsystems Enterprise Archtiect on GitHub.

The open source tool hoReverse now supports import of ReqIF requirements.
The main features are:
- ReqIF Version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
- Import the requirements according to an Import Specification
– Nested requirements
– Graphics, text and attributes
– A requirement module is stored in a package
– Linked Document for formatted text
– Tagged values for attributes
– Tested for DOORS
For more see:

2 comments on “Open Source ReqIF requirement import in EA

  1. Hi Helmut,
    is it one way (import only) or can you synchronize? As it is working on ReqIF, does it support other tools like CodeBeamer, DNG, Polarion…? Thank you for following up,

  2. Hi Heinz,

    currently, it only supports import of ReqIF. I’ve tested it with DOORS and ReqIF Studio.

    In principle, it should work with all tools supporting ReqIF. Because the reality is sometimes complicated it’s better to test it with the requirement tool you intend to use.

    If you send me a ReqIF file I’ll test it.

    Best regards,


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