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The Enterprise Architect has a big advantage – it can everything: Modeling (a number of standards), Requirement Management, Project Management, Documentation Generation, Code Generation, Model Simulation, Team Collaboration etc. etc. It’s really great, but in sometimes s it is too … Continue reading

Layer-Architecture of Enterprise Architect

Important for everybody who needs to extend EA by new functionality. The picture shall provide roughly overview of Enterprise Architect layer architecture.  Most important message: The EA itself is built of building blocks and it can be flexibly extended more … Continue reading

Freie Fahrt

Alexander Schölzhorn und Daniel Siegl unterstützten Schüler der Wiener HTL Spengergasse mit Know-how und Bauteilen in einem Praxisprojekt bei der Realisierung eines ferngesteuerten Autos. Sie verwendeten dabei die aktuelle Amuse-Version und mussten Infrarot-Abstandssensoren einbauen, um das Fahrzeug vor dem Zusammenprall … Continue reading

Ping-Pong demonstrates inter state machines communication

If you are looking for inter state-machines communication using AMUSE, following example should help. It’s a kind of “Hello World” for multiple machines, simplest possible example Two state machines fires triggers to each other: Ping fires ping trigger and receives … Continue reading