There’s a new tool around called eaLauncher.
Once registered, EA Project files (*.eap) open with this application. It lets you enable/disable EA-Plugins before the Application starts.

Installation is quite simple:
run the exe from anywhere on your computer and click “register”. next time you start an eap-file, while pressing the <shift> key, the dialog will open up.
otherwise the files will be started normally.

ScreenShot v0.5.2

>>> eaLauncher v0.5.3 <<< (new version from 2010-06-01)

>>> eaLauncher v0.5.4 <<< (new version from 2010-06-02)

if this app doesn’t match your requirements, start it for one last time, and click “unregister”. now feel free to delete it.

Note 1: please do not move the eaLauncher.exe after you have clicked “register”. Unregister first, move the exe, then click “register” again.

Note 2: further information is provided in the readme file of version 0.5.4


  • any Enterprise Architect version
  • .NET Framework 2.0

NEW 0.5.3: flag DisplayOnShiftKeyOnly: if set to false, eaLauncher Dialog will shows up always

NEW 0.5.4: flag CloseToTray: minimize Launcher to system Tray instead of closing