Lately I been investigating the options Enterprise Architect offers to record Sequence Diagrams from code, because we want to learn for LieberLieber AMUSE.

And I found a pretty interesting result:

It only takes into account “Classes” and not “Instances”.

There is two links that proved helpful – a video tutorial from Sparx Systems and a Blog post from Tom Peplow.


Setting up works in a similar way than it does for NUnit – refer to this Posts for hints.

I used my very Simple Account Class from the NUnit sample.


Then I prepared a little runner that would record a Sequence Chart using Enterprise Architects Debugger.


The result I’m getting from Enterprise Architect looks like this:


It doesn’t take into account that I have two instances of the same class – I would have rather expected it to look like:


What do you think? Is there value in a Sequence Diagram based on classes rather than on instances?