On my way to “debugging” NUnit Tests with Enterprise Architect. I ran into issues with the NUnit Console runner – EA’s Debugger wouldn’t properly attach to it.

So I started investigating how I could make a very very simple NUnit runner to help me on that. During my research I found one helpful thread on Stackoverflow.com

What I did to solve my Issue:

First I converted my Test.dll to a Test.exe


Then I had to add 3 NUnit Refrences to this Project


Now with the hints from the Stackoverflow thread it was very easy to prepare a program.cs that would execute my tests.


The first line is pretty important as it set’s up the NUnit framework:


The rest is pretty straightforward – find the name – add to the Testpackage – and Execute:

SimpleTestRunner runner = new SimpleTestRunner();
TestPackage package = new TestPackage("Test");
string loc = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location;
if (runner.Load(package))
          TestResult result = runner.Run(new NullListener());

I don’t care about the Results in my Scenario – as I collect the results from a second run with the console runner as described in my other post – for other scenarios it will be necessary to evaluate the results after the Tests are run.

Now running the Test.exe allows me to use Enterprise Architects Debugger just fine.