I own a 4-years-old DVB-T stick (Freecom DVB-T 27442 hybrid USB) and a Windows 7 64bit notebook. Of course there are no supported drivers for the stick, and I couldn’t get it to run, until I found the following program:
Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider (find it here: NDOHQ.com)

When asked for a driver for the pluged-in stick, I pointed Windows 7 to the 64bit Vista drivers. They were installed, but Windows still refused to use the device, as one of the driver/sys-files was not signed.
So I used the dseo.exe from the link above to fake the missing signature.
After restart, I plugged in the DVB-T stick, and it worked like a charme.

Isn’t this nice?

Get more information here: TechSpot