Searching for an game avatar I thought it would be cool if the player can create their own avatars.

But how… Cubees would be a good idea! Nearly everybody can create them and there are already thousands out there in the net. (Just look at Deviantart)

So for starters, I created a “LieberLieber Buddy” and our beloved OCF-Koala.

SNC00187 image

The LieberLieber Buddy also comes with an Surface Tag on the bottom to be used at our Surface.

For you guys, which love Cubees, OCF-Koala fans or if you just want to see what happens when you put the LieberLieber Buddy on our Surface during the next exhibit, I got you some templates: OCF-Koala, LieberLieber Buddy, and an empty one for your own creation.

Have fun.