This article describes the integration of Tortoise Svn and Jetbrains Youtrack.
On the working folder of your project you need to set three properties (don’t forget to apply them recursively):

  • bugtrac:message -> message for commit (%BUGID% is replaced with the issue number on commit)
  • bugtrac:url -> url to youtrack server (%BUGID% is replaced with the issue number on commit)
  • bugtrac:number -> false, because Youtrack uses an alphanumeric project id

If all is configured correctly you should be able to use the Youtrack IssueId in the commit dialog of Tortoise:

This work also if you use the Visual Studio Plugin AnkhSvn:

Now you can use integration of Youtrack in the Log Messages dialog of Tortoise. The entered Youtrack Id is converted to a working link to this issue.

Just click it to open the issue in youtrack.