For the Electronics Fair Exhibition in the Hong Kong I prepared a presentation that explains how the toolkit we developed helps to manage the growing complexity in the embedded world. The solution is based on Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, AMUSE and Willert Tools. Willert Software GmbH is one of the pioneers in that domain and provide Model Driven Development (MDD) solutions for embedded development for 10 Years (!). Last year LieberLieber and Willert companies decided to provide an affordable solution based on Enterprise Architect that I successfully present at the Electronics Fair Exhibition in the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center. My colleagues from Sparx Systems Australia liked it, so I hope you’ll enjoy it also:


At that place I’d like to say a big thank you to Walter van der Heiden who allowed me to reuse some slides from his impressive presentation I enjoyed some times on the development conferences Winking smile.

Please find here a video that demonstrates our solution for the Keil environment and ARM RTOS