Last time I had to give a presentation, the most anoying task, creating the slides, was to highlight EA elements and screen copy them to Powerpoint.

As expected the many different screen copies where not quite aligned and thefore I got a “flickering” effect on my slides. Not what I wanted!!

Also the model I used was still subject to change. The next part that gave me the headaches.

All this made me think that there could be a better solution to this, thus the EAPresenter was born.

EAPresenter (current version: 0.9) gives you the ability to do presentations directly in Enterprise Architect.


Current Features:

  • Dynamic highlighting of elements and connectors
    (Borders and Colors)
  • Scroll animation
    (scrolls to a saved position inside the diagram)
  • Diagram switching
    (opens/closes when switching slides)
  • Pan/Zoom
    (Pans/Zooms the diagram)
  • Keyboard navigation
    (allows the user to use the keyboard to navigate throug slides)
  • Reset All
    (reset to original diagram state during recording/playing)