CaliberRM – Enterprise Architect Integration Add-In

On the 16th of June 2011 Dunstan Thomas will be hosting another free webinar.
The subject for this webinar will be the CaliberRM / Enterprise Architect Integration Add-In designed by Dunstan Thomas.


CaliberRM is a requirements management tool from Microfocus and is widely used by organisations to manage their corporate requirements.
Enterprise Architect is a modelling tool focusing on UML and Business Process Modelling from SparxSystems and is used extensively by organisations for all their modelling needs.
A common need is for corporations to manage traceability between their Models and their Requirements. Whilst Enterprise Architect can capture Requirements it is not really a Requirements Management tool per se, and CaliberRM has no modelling functionality at all.
The objective of this Add-In is therefore to implement an integration bridge between the two products, specifically the ability to import and synchronise Requirements from CaliberRM into Enterprise Architect modelling projects where the traceability can be managed and reported.


The agenda for this webinar is as follows:

  • Why the add-in has been created
  • Overview of add-in design
  • The functionality provided
  • Demonstration of the add-in
  • Next steps in development
  • Availability
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