Long time no see!

It has been some time since my last post and my last free software. But I have been busy since that and also I got some things done.

Today we uploaded 2 new apps and one update to the Microsoft WP7 Marketplace.

The update is for Mexico since it got some problems duringstartup.

The new apps are:

Rock Em Spock Em

RockSpock_99Album anzeigen

It’s the good old fashioned Rock, Paper, Scissors game with some additional “Weapons” to choose from (Spock and Lizzard) as seen in “Big bang theory” originally from (http://www.samkass.com/theories/RPSSL.html)

and the


Connoisseur_99Album anzeigen

The LieberLieber Connoisseur is a review and collection application for all connoisseurs regarding cigar, wine, beer, whisky and more. Keep track of you Humidor and just know what you should buy again or never again using your own reviews.

Also this app has an additional feature to keep track of you bar bill: The Coaster, where you can add drinks to your coaster and keep track of your consumption by just tapping on it.

Since the apps are currently pending for certification I will supply you with an developer preview (as usual) and give you another post when they are available on the WP7 Marketplace.

Mexico RockEmSpockEM Connoisseur