Today we launch LieberLieber AMUSE 2.0! The next evolution of our leading edge UML/SysML Simulation and Execution extension for Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems. AMUSE 2.0 is powerful tool for developing and debugging UML based solutions and specifications.

You can get your copy for Evaluation from: here

Featuring a completely rebuilt UI:


Key Features:

  • fUML Preview
    • Visual simulation of Activity Behaviors
  • Parallel Start of multiple Behaviors (State Machines, Activities)
    • Adding behaviors to simulation and parallel execution at any time
    • Asynchronous communication between behaviors via signals
  • AMUSE own diagram-viewer
    • High-performance live-monitoring of multiple behaviors
    • Directly interaction with behaviors
  • Trace Viewer
    • Detailed trace-log of simulation
    • Rich filter and sorting capabilities
  • Improved Simulation Control UI
    • Rich UML-Debugging capabilities (e.g. simple access to class-attributes)
    • One-click simulation start
  • Validation and Auto-Correction Rules
    • Over 20 validation rules
    • 10 Auto-correction rules

fUML Preview

AMUSE 2.0 is the first version of AMUSE that allows you to Execute Activity Diagrams just like previous versions of AMUSE did for state machines. Currently the most important elements of the fUML specification are implemented.

AMUSE activity simulation supports:

  • Actions
    • with C# behavior code
    • for sending signal
  • control nodes like
    • decision
    • merge
    • fork
    • join
    • initial node
    • activity final


Parallel Start of multiple State Machines and Activity Flows

AMUSE 2.0 allows you to see and execute many state machines at the same time, those state machines can collaborate via Signals. The sample below shows 2 machines – one sending signals to the other – depending on a random number generator. A simple way to test a state machine. Our new UI with AMUSE Diagram Viewer allows to see up to 8 state machines at the same time.


AMUSE own Diagram-Viewer

You can see the new AMUSE 2.0 diagram viewer already in the other screenshots on the page. We developed it for high-performance monitoring of state and activity behaviors ad of course it is fully integrated Enterprise Architect. You can interactively trigger transitions and toggle brakepoints directly on diagram. It can zoom and pan so you are in command of your diagram at any time.


Trace Viewer

The new Trace Viewer enables you to find out what was or is going on while you run your Behaviors via AMUSE. The viewer provides all the sort and filter capabilities, you may need.  The trace-log can be exported to Excel in order to analysis the data collected.


Improved Simulation Control UI

The AMUSE Simulation Control window was redesigned, key users of the previous versions helped us to get this right. You can easily monitor and change the class-attributes at runtime. You have overview of all triggers used in the state machine and can activate them at any time by one click.


Validation and auto Correction Rules

These Rules help you in the process of building executable state machines and activity flows. They detects the most common issues during modeling, if suitable some of the detected issues can be solved automatically if you wish to do so. This also helps to maintain consistent UML/SysML Models in your Organization.