The Enterprise Architect has a big advantage – it can everything: Modeling (a number of standards), Requirement Management, Project Management, Documentation Generation, Code Generation, Model Simulation, Team Collaboration etc. etc.

It’s really great, but in sometimes s it is too much. Not everybody needs all the features, all the standards. Sometimes it leads to misunderstandings and disorientation. Sometimes only a couple of modeling elements and 2-3 diagram types would be sufficient.

What to do?? Can you reduce the EA functionality – YES you can! Smile

Following article demonstrates: EA is built of several building blocks. Means – you also can easily disable or even replace them all by your own. I’ll demonstrate it using owned developed MDG technology – SYSMOD extension of SysML for system engineers.

1. Open dialog: Settings / MDG Technologies and disable all the available technologies excepting SYSMOD (don’t worry, you can enable them again at any time)

2. Open dialog AddIns / Manage-Add-Ins.. or Extensions / Manage-Add-Ins.. and disable all add-ins if any available.

From now the only available tool boxes are the common one and the tool boxes defined by SYSMOD technology.

image   image

As SYSMOD does not defined its own diagram types, it’s not possible to add any at all.


The only problem is the dialog for adding new elements e.g. available via button above the project browser – it still allows adding standard UML elements Sad smile