A little story to explain our company  name “LieberLieber”

LieberLieber was found by our owner Mr. Peter Lieber.

To write Peter Lieber a letter (old form of a mail, but you can also write mails) in English in a personal, but not to formally way, you can start with “Dear Mr. Lieber” similar to that in German would be: “Lieber Herr Lieber” and some funny guys wrote sometimes: “Lieber Lieber”.
So what’s the story behind the company’s name? Is it: “Lieber and son”? No  Is it: “two Brothers”? No – indeed it is because of another meaning of the word “Lieber” – it means also “prefer” or “better”. So it could mean “prefer to go to Mr. Lieber”.
But the true story is: There was a friend of Peter called “Johannes Leopold Zeitlberger” and in old Austria “Leopold” was “Leupold” and he wanted to have a company “Leupold&Leupold” – and so I thought that this sounds like a good idea to get an unique domain name: www.lieberlieber.com was born.