I’m personally a declared fan of Cloud Computing, because I like it that I can have the computing enviroment of my choice for playing around with technologies without asking anybody. But there is one major issue – I’m a software guy and a rookie in IT infrastructure stuff – so I know the key words, but I don’t know what happens if something is wrong.

Using Virtual Machines in Azure means that you will have a Remote Desktop enviroment for getting the console via the RDP Port 3389 and this is mapped to any port in the public enviroment.

Because I wanted to enable other ports for my experimental system – I touched the firewall settings on the server and after playing around I’ve forgotten what the default setting was and just pressed “reset to default settings”.

Upps: RDP is blocked by the default settings of the firewall and so I became locked out.

Typically you walk to your machine now and change the settings at the console – but my machine is somewhere in Asia or USA or whereever – so where to go?

The decision was easy: delete the VM and build a new one – and never forget: default firewall settings are not that what you want – Peter Zwinkerndes Smiley

For the production machines (we will use in Azure, too) I’ll give the responsibility back to our IT again