Some of my collegues are really brave and ignored all warnings from Microsoft saying: don’t use Windows 8 Preview, Visual Studio 2012 RC and Office 2013 beta on production machines and of course sometime this warnings are not without reason.

However – for my brave new world – I also need the beautiful new things that Microsoft delivers with the named prerelease software – so I decided to try to install the complete enviroment on a virtual machine.

Well: you have to use the Windows 7 x64 template and you have to install the operating system manually, because the handling of the serial number is different in Windows 8 for silent installations, but at the end it worked. The only thing I’m missing is my multi-touch input because they are not supported by VMWare at the moment – so I have to learn to life with the mouse and keyboard capabilities of Windows 8 very fast.

Of course this will work with VirtualPC, too – but that is to easy Zwinkerndes Smiley