We are now partnering with CNS Connect and they have a great solution for connecting software via ODBC from any client software: http://www.connecting-software.com/index.php/en/ – the true anti-thesis to No-SQL.

I’ve started to implement an Connecting Software (the tool is called now CNS Media GateWay, but I like the claim “Connecting Software”) Enterprise Architect Plugin to achieve easy access to the model repository of EA from any ODBC supporting application like Office. Because the repository of EA is based on MOF and very complex it would be hard to identify e.g. all requirements in the model.

Users would prefer to type:

SELECT * FROM requirements WHERE author = 'Peter Lieber'

or something like that. At the moment it is more like:

SELECT t_secuser.UserLogin as lockingUser,   
  t_package.Package_ID as PackageId,   
  t_object.Style,t_object.Object_Type as CLASSTYPE,    
  t_object.ea_guid as CLASSGUID,   
  t_object.Status, t_object.Stereotype  
        LEFT JOIN t_secuser       
          ON t_seclocks.UserID = t_secuser.UserID)    
            LEFT JOIN t_secgroup       
              ON t_seclocks.GroupID = t_secgroup.GroupID )      
              ON t_object.ea_guid = t_seclocks.EntityID)   
            LEFT OUTER JOIN t_package      
              ON t_object.Package_ID = t_Package.Package_ID 
  t_object.Object_Type = 'Requirement' AND    
   t_object.author = 'Peter Lieber'

Do you have a similar issue with your software – do you want to bring SOA to your client/server apps – do you want to scale up to Azure – connecting software allows business szenarios you never thought about before.

Connecting Software provides out of the box: Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Exchange, PowerShell and much more.