I’d like to introduce a preview version of our XMI Browser.
I took our tester app for the SVG Viewer and within few hours improved it up to a browser for illustrating some interesting scenarios are possible with the (any)Model2Uml library and the SVG Viewer.

First the architecture blueprint of the browser:
XMI Browser architecture

And here the browser itself:
Xmi Browser Diagram

Xmi Browser PropertyBox

You can select any EA 2.1 XMI file and then navigate through the model and have a look over the diagrams.
At the moment the state charts activity diagrams are supported and we working hard to support much more. The diagram colors are not taken over from EA but customizable using SVG styles template.

Possible roadmap: support for most important diagram types, comparison of multiple xmi files, usage of original EA colors and the limited edit mode – e.g. editing existing elements but without support for deleting and adding.

Fill free to send us your feedback and your wishes!