LieberLieber, now got it’s first Win8 Store App online, as usual (like WP7) this app is for free.

Comic Boox

Since long I’m a big fan of comic books, and since I’m a developer I naturally fancy .cbr and .cbz files. (

On the desktop (or laptop) I usually use (CDisplay) but now we got Win8 on the market and so I thought, why not a Win8 Store App.


  • Easy to maintain “collection” since you select a folder which contains your comic collection
    (only copy .cbr/.cbz files in the folder/sub folder to extend collection)
  • You can open “external” files (outside your collection)
  • inApp search
  • .cbr and .cbz file association for the app
  • “Recent” file list with up to 6 Comic books
  • Recent files stores last read page
  • Semantic Zoom for collection navigation (Categories)
  • Semantic Zoom for reading mode (Pages)
  • Zoom feature for current page
  • Swipe to turn pages
  • App help contained as comic book
  • Collection navigation in reading mode
    (if you reached the end of the comic book you can navigate to the “Next Comic” without leaving reading mode)

On top of this we have a free collection of comics (CC licensed) for you on our web page, so you can start reading.

PS.: and remember creating your own .cbr/.cbz files is only a matter of seconds

  1. Zip or Rar a collection of pictures (.jpg, .png,…)
  2. Rename the Zip file from to xxx.cbz / the Rar file from xxx.rar to xxx.cbr
  3. Add to your collection

So as usual, I hope you have fun with this app.