Enterprise Architect supports a UML 2 export, which produces an XML file valid to the OMG’s UML specification. Nevertheless, it is not possible to open it with an UML editor of Eclipse without any modifications, because the Eclipse implementation of the UML2 metamodel differs in some places.

In the context of the research project ARTIST, we developed an XSLT script, which can be easily added to Enterprise Architect as MDG Technology, for exporting a UML file. This file can be opened and edited directly in Eclipse, with traditional tree-based UML editors such as the UML2 project . Currently, Class Diagrams and simple State Charts are supported.

Follow these simple steps if you have EA v.9.3 or higher:

  1. Add this URL to your MDG Technologies in EA via Settings –> MDG Technologies… –> Advanced –> Add URL… https://demo.lieberlieber.com/downloads/UMLExportTechnology_v1.xml
  2. Select a Package in your Project Browser and click on Extensions –> Publish –> Eclipse UML Export (Name the export file <filename>.uml

Add the exported file to your Eclipse workspace and open it with a UML editor. The following screenshot shows the same model in EA and Eclipse:

In future, this script is automatically updated to support other UML diagrams, UML Profile applications and diagram information.

For further information, suggestions or bugs please contact us!