We recently redesigned our Blog, and restructured it to match the new LieberLieber webpage.

Our plan is to provide even more content around Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems in the coming year.

As we can learn from our Statistics the Content on EA is already the most popular on our Blog


Here the ranking from the last 30 Days:


  1. Enterprise Architect – Auto generating a sequence diagram from code
  2. Fast way to generate Sequence Diagrams with Enterprise Architect
  3. SQL Server: Update Cursor
  4. TAPI "Call Contact" in Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 with Lync installed
  5. ASP.NET MVC and a Generic jQuery Grid –jqTGrid
  6. Tutorial – NUnit and Sequence Diagram Recording in Enterprise Architect 9.3
  7. Outlook Feiertage 2013++
  8. Recording Sequence Diagrams from .Net Source Code with Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems
  9. UML-generated C-Code is controling a traffic light hardware with a Fujitsu Microcontroller
  10. C# Change attributes at runtime


So 5 out of the most popular 10 cover EA Topics 😉


As always your feedback is very much anticipated – you could even ask for Topics to be covered.