Many interesting contacts and meetings and a successful exhibition is the first resume for LieberLieber and for our partner Sparx Systems after three exhibition days at Embedded World 2013 in Nuernberg, Germany. Both companies presented their Model Engineering solutions with and for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 10.


High of interest was our C-Code generation and visualization solution for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect in combination with LieberLieber AMUSE. The code generation engine is able to generate ANSI C-code for different embedded targets from UML/SysML models, e.g. state or activity diagrams.

The code can directly flashed into the target device and it is then possible to graphically test and debug the model by using the visualization with AMUSE for the embedded targets. This is possible for instrumented code, when a target has no explicit debugging interface, or via debugging interfaces like JTAG.

Also for interest was our demo of AMUSE in combination with a Politouch multitouch device. The workflow for a purchase demo application was controlled by a state machine simulated with LieberLieber AMUSE.

Demonstrated for the first time were our solutions for Systems Engineering with Enterprise Architect (EnArSys) and for ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format). ReqIF is a standardized exchange format for data exchange in the domain of Requirements Engineering and Management. ReqIF follows the former RIF-format defined for automotive applications. LieberLieber presented the integration possibilities for ReqIF in Enterprise Architect and a ReqIF-editor application for the new Windows 8 multitouch user interface (Windows 8 Store Application). More demonstrations about ReqIF we will present at the REConf 2013 in Munich form March 11th to March 14th 2013.