We were proud to present our new code generation tools for embedded systems based on the modeling tool Enterprise Architect and our model simulation framework AMUSE.

AMUSE and Embedded Systems

We have extended our well known model simulation tool AMUSE with a code generation engine for C/C++.
Now you can combine AMUSE with EA and embedded systems.

At the Embedded World 2013 we showed how AMUSE can be used to visualize the running code on a target,
how to use AMUSE simulation to interact with external systems without writing any line of code.
In the example we run Enterprise Architect with AMUSE on a Polytouch and interact with all the contained devices of the Polytouch.

We would like to thank you for your interest and the interesting discussions.

… a few impressions

_MG_1557_small _MG_1558_small AMUSE simulation

Polytouch Embedded Simulation Polytouch