Here the announcement of our Partner in the MultiTouch Area – Pyramid Computer GmbH with their amazing device: Polytouch (more: )

“…as previously announced we have been working hard together with one of our partners of excellence (LieberLieber, Austria) in order to provide our polytouch® partners with a .NET based SDK for integrating you applications with polytouch® and the accompanying peripherals.

Finally, we are happy to announce the BETA-version of the polytouch® SDK!

Thanks again to the amazing team at LieberLieber (Christian, Andy & co.) for making this polytouch® milestone possible. And of course, also thanks to all of you for being part of our BETA-program for the polytouch® SDK.

We are looking forward to having your feedback and any possible contribution you might want to make to it!

–        To download SDK installer and documentation, please refer to following link

–        To receive a license key for the SDK, please contact me directly and I’ll provide you with your personalized key.”

How we have developed this SDK? Of course using Enterprise Architect!

So finally one open question: who is “me”:

Alberto  Perandones
VP Business Development – Digital Media
Contact Details: