On Tuesday 10 December 2013, 4pm – 5pm (CET), Agosense will hold a webinar titled “Integrations with agosense.symphony – Sparx Enterprise Architect & IBM Rational Doors”.
The graphical modeling with the help of architecture diagrams, sequence and use case diagrams, etc., has become an integral part of the application lifecycle. This method is often used to vividly describe certain facts and features particularly in the definition of requirements. How could information from a modeling tool now be connected in an useful way with objects from requirements management systems? How can it be achieved that software architects not have to switch between tools and have all necessary information at hand?
The webinar provides answers to these and other questions. Agosense will show a practical example of how the modeling tool Sparx Enterprise Architect can be linked to IBM Rational Doors via agosense.symphony in order to share information between the tools.
1. About agosense & agosense.symphony
2. Practical example with demo video
Sparx Enterprise Architect – IBM Rational Doors
3. Questions & answers

For registration: http://www.agosense.com/english/news-und-events/webinars/10-dec-2013-integration-sparx-ea-ibm-rational-doors