Daniel produced two Videoclips to explain functions of the LieberLieber Model Versioner. The most important function of the new tool is the diffing and merging of different model versions. Standard approaches use line- and text-based applications that do not suffice for graphic models. Only the fine-grained 3-way diffing algorithm that considers the model’s graph structure allows an exact comparison between two models.

Video LieberLieber Model Versioner Part 1

Video LieberLieber Model Versioner Part 2

The highlights of LieberLieber Model Versioner for Enterprise Architect:

✓ 3-way diffing and merging of Enterprise Architect models

✓ Parallel editing of models through optimistic model versioning

✓ Seamless integration with Subversion

✓ Branches of models (longer-term, parallel development of versions and variants)

✓ Changes are visualized clearly and understandably for review(including preview)

✓ Adaptable and customizable merge rules

✓ Diagram merge and merge preview

✓ Integration with versioning systems

Screenshot Model Versioner