This article is an update to the instructions given in
EA as an unattended Windows Service on Windows Server 2008R2 and higher

Nowadays Windows Server Versions are a lot more secure then they were in the year 2008.
So here’s an update on how to run Enterprise Architect as an unattended service:

– the Whitepaper suggests to use some simple “Logon-Windows-Service” to start EA in the Windows-Service-User-Context.
this won’t work any more. the commandLine where to start EA from, will never show up.
the only known solution is to use psexec from Microsoft. Virus Scanners and Firewalls most likely will block it, but there’s no other option.
download it from here: Windows SysInternals

– psexec is required to enter a valid license for EA.
Using floating licenses might cause huge problems. because every time, they expire, EA will popup a dialog, which requires you to kill that instance.
If you only own floating licenses, you should set up a seperate keystore with the lease time set to a very long period and auto-check-in disabled.

– when it comes to your windows Service, go to the service’s user property tab, and check the “may interact with desktop” flag.
otherwise, EA won’t work.

So far, so good. Wish you good luck!