A book is a book. In our fast moving and envolving world standards help us to have a given guideline to follow.

A book is a book. SysML has become one of that guiding standards. But a standard is only a standard.

A book is a book. In this book we do not describe the complete standard SysML. We focus on the personal experiences in real world projects to provide a guideline for real world projects that you may have to handle in your daily business. A standard tries to define the complete world of any possible scenario – but not every possible scenario is necessary for your daily work. SysML is a possible powerful basis for modelling cyber physical systems, cyber physical production systems, machine to machine, internet of things – so more or less to visualize our future.

A book is a book. So this book’s idea is to provide you a timeless guideline in practical using SysML in your daily work. Practical also means that you may want to use a tool too – our tools of choice are Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (german) and LieberLieber Systems Engineer for Enterprise Architect (german) – that was developed to support you in your daily work. Have fun to follow the authors personal experiences, identify what you can use or adopt for your daily work – and provide us feedback – to help us to understand how we can help you to become better day by day.

A book is a book. Watch out for the upcoming book from LieberLieber Press – Dr. Oliver Alt: “Practical Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML”