UPDATE: May 2020: see the Webinar Recording:

Webinar Recording: Modeling based on Feature Branches

It started off over 24+ months ago… there was a product we were building that created a solution to a problem called LemonTree (formerly Model Versioner).
Now if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a tool to help alleviate a common problem that many EA modelers face: Branching and merging Enterprise Architect projects (models).

Fast forward 18 months later, after huge success of LemonTree, we started to recognize the next challenge, support of other popular version-control systems – more particularly Git.

And that’s when LemonTree with Git integration was born.

Today, we are EXCITED to announce the official major release of LemonTree with Git support to the public.

You can see it in action, how it works here!

Here’s LemonTree at a glance:

  • Uses fine-grained 3-way diffing algorithm.
  • Enables the development of multiple parallel branches of models to target and merge individual models.
  • Acts like an external diff/merge program (EA independent).
  • Seamlessly integrated into TortoiseSVN/Git.
  • Shares the benefits of Version Control repository.
  • And much more…

Go check our latest release:  LemonTree here