2 Weeks ago we released our latest version of Embedded Engineer for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 2.1 – you can get a Trial here.

This release focused on incorporating feedback from our global user base.

Main Areas:

  1. Improved documentation
  2. Code Structure
  3. Advanced Usage Relationships
  4. Qt Support

@1 Improved documentation

@2 Code Structure

  • Clang FormattingEmbedded Engineer now supports full set of Clang Format options (v.4.0.0). This can be used to heavily adjust the generated code in terms of style, i.e. you can specify the maximum number of characters per line by setting parameter “ColumnLimit” to avoid unintended linebreaks.

@3 Advanced Usage Relationships

  • Global includes – EE now offers additional stereotypes to support global include relationships (i.e. #include <stdio>) and standard library notation (include without .h – file extension).
  • Custom Extensions for header files -When applying TaggedValue „CustomExtension“ on usage connectors, you can specify the file extension of included header file, i.e. .hxx, .hpp.
  • Namespaces – When applying TaggedValue „UsingNamespace“ on usage connectors,you can specify a namespace which should be used in generated code of the class.
  • Configurable location for include statements – By applying model setting parameter “Generate includes in .c file“, you can choose if includes should be generated in header or c – file.
  • Specify order of includes / usings -By naming the relationships in the properties dialog general tab, include statements are ordered alphabetically by their name.

Embedded Engineer now supports generation of Qt Framework compliant code!

@4 Qt Support

  • QObject derived classes – Sterotype added in 2.1
  • Member functions as slots and signals -Sterotype added in 2.1