With pleasure we see that Enterprise Architect 14 together with ProCloud Server will get many new integrations! If you need help on these topics feel free to contact welcome@lieberlieber.com





The Pro Cloud Server allows integrating data from external providers into an Enterprise Architect cloud model. A variety of third-party providers can be connected to:

• Application Lifecycle Management (formerly HP Quality Center)
• Jazz (Rational DOORS Next Generation)
• Jira
• Team Foundation Server
• Wrike
• ServiceNow
• Autodesk
‘• Bugzilla
• Dropbox

• and other Enterprise Architect models See the Pro Cloud Server help for information on how to configure each provider. All integrations offer support for linking objects and elements from the external system into an Enterprise Architect client. The Integration window allows browsing of the external provider’s items and to retrieve lists of elements and objects based on the provider’s queries. Capabilities include:
• Link an Enterprise Architect element to an external object
• View external element properties
• View and in some cases add to, external object discussions
• Export links to WebEA URL’s that correspond to the current model
• Open external tools in a web browser at relevant bookmarks
• Import elements
• Export element