UPDATE: May 2020: see the Webinar Recording:

Webinar Recording: Modeling based on Feature Branches

GIT has become a reality in the R&D departments around the world. But it has been a challenge to store the infromation from UML/SysML tools like Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems  in GIT Repositories. Especially for Model Best Systems Engineering (aka MBSE) there are many advantages by using a modern Version Controls System.

The key challenge is simple: GIT due to it’s decentralised nature can’t lock files for modification, and on the other hand it has prove to be allmost imposible to diff and merge the contents of models with text based diff and merge tools. The data we store in models are graphs and not trees as it might seem from the modeling tools UI.

A typical example of an XMI file shown in a text based diff and merge tool:

Can you merge this?

With all this in mind we worked very hard over the last decade to be able to present a solution:

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect  (with LieberLieber LemonTree as diff and merge tool) is currently the only solution that supports a modern GIT based work flow for your Model Based Systems Engineering needs with SysML

How LemonTree represents a Diff and Merge Scenario with an Enterprise Architect Model (aka .eap)

It also works with Version Control Systems like Subversion, PTC,….

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