Our core business has allways been to build bespoke solutions around Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

My Vision is to change the way companies communicate with products like LieberLieber LemonTree!
There is still away ahead of us to replace Doors, Word and others with Models – but we are working on it!

Today we released a new success story with our customer Volkswagen that fits my Vision – combining EA with some LieberLieber Tools for the win!

Clear communication with suppliers
As part of Strategy 2025 it was also noted that, as the number of digital and software-based components in vehicles increases, customer satisfaction with these components is also becoming increasingly important. While VW intends to become one of the best companies in the world when it comes to user experience, since an almost countless number of suppliers actually work on a car, it is first necessary to optimize the communication with them and be able to clearly convey to them the requirements on new systems under development. A complex function such as voice control is distributed across the entire system and should operate without error at all times. Therefore, every supplier must know very precisely how the system should ultimately function. Previously, these requirements were only depicted in graphical form, but this is no longer sufficient. “We work with a wide variety of suppliers, all of which must receive our requirements in a homogenous and easily understandable form. This is the only way we can ensure that the often very complex functions always create an optimal user experience. This can no longer be guaranteed with traditional methods, but only by way of model-based development,” says Gollwitzer.Increased use of Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems has been in implementation at VW for some time, but until now has not seen widespread use. “Enterprise Architect is a powerful tool for model-based software and systems engineering, but due to its complex range of functionality it has been applied only in limited scope. We were therefore very happy to have gotten to know LieberLieber about one and a half years ago, a seasoned expert able to adapt the tool for our purposes with specific modeling assistants,” says Gollwitzer. The structure of the models to be developed was defined in joint meetings. To help developers comply with this structure, LieberLieber developed two “digital modeling assistants” (extensions for Enterprise Architect) and a tool for importing data formats such as JSON (data format for data exchange between applications) into Enterprise Architect.

For the full read go to: https://www.lieberlieber.com/en/lieberlieber-software-volkswagen-accelerates-with-enterprise-architect/