My last post was on GitFlow and LemonTree – as working with feature branches is simply the most efficient way to model with Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems and LemonTree from LieberLieber.

Recently we got a request from a customer that wanted to know if it is possible to work with Feature Branches and PTC, LemonTree and Enterprise Architect – and our friends from Nanga Systems helped us answer these two questions.:

  • Is LemonTree automatically called when I do a merge in PTC Integrity?

It is called automatically!

  • Is the merge notified by PTC Integrity, meaning is there a merge arrow at the member history indicating that the two files were merged?

Merging arrow is drawn in integrity!

  1. Same eap File with different development branches
  2. Branching Development Path to main 1.5
  3. Merging dialogue to select if you want to merge manually or automatically
  4. Lemontree is opened automatically, showing conflicts and merge possibilities
  5. Files are merged into the working file, which needs then to be checked in. Merging line is drawn and shown in the member history

The setup process for PTC and LemonTree was documented by Nanga Systems and published on our help page.