Watch our Webinar recording on the new Reusable Model Components Features that are now part of LemonTree 3!

We show  modelslicing and how you can use model libaries for yout MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering or other modeling jobs with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect)

Our specialists show you live the new features and benefits of LemonTree 3.0!

Our model versioning tool LemonTree is now available as version 3.0 and opens up completely new possibilities. When developing this new version, we focused on three important areas:
• Product Line Engineering
• Supply Chain and
• Team-based Collaboration

Feature Highlights:
Divide the models into individual components, which remain linked. The individual model components might have now their own lifecycle. Building a model library is in this way very easily possible. Analyze model changes and dependencies precisely and combine different model versions in a controlled manner.

Get your copy of LemonTree 3 here:

Use our public GitHub repo to test LemonTree 3 qucikly with Version Control or the new reusable model components!

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