At the recent EA Global Summit I had the pleasure to deliver a talk together with Nizam Mohamed from Prolaborate!

This talk was very special for me as a lot of joint organisation preperation went into it – also showing that the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Ecosystem really works around the globe.

Seamless Versioning and Collaboration for Agile Modeling with EA

The need to go agile is obvious ? but how can this work using models? We will take a closer look at how Sparx EA teams can achieve the best of both worlds, granular versioning using Lemon Tree and enterprise collaboration and stakeholder reviews using Prolaborate.

If you watch the presentation you will understand how your organisation can be a big step closer to  an Agile work style with models.
We show how using a combination of Enterprise Architect, Version Control Systems, GitFlow, Procloud Server, Continous Integration and Prolaborate,.