Customize your Windows 7 Logon Screen

Good news: In former times you had to disable System Restore, exchange some dlls n’stuff. Today Windows 7 allows you to change the background of the Logon Screen pretty easy: It’s only the the following 2 steps: 1) set the … Continue reading

Unrecognized configuration settings UserSettings.

Today I run into a strange error: In an .NET Windows Form I’m referencing a ConnectionString from Application Settings. At 12:00 it worked. Changed a line of code; recompiled; started over at 12:01. The app came up with an error: … Continue reading

ASP.NET MVC 2 RC 2 on Visual Studio 2010 RC

Visual Studio 2010 RC – doesn’t contain the latest version of MVC2 – which is RC2 luckily I found this post:  Installing ASP.NET MVC 2 RC 2 on Visual Studio 2010 RC After this procedures everything should be fine and … Continue reading

CF ComboBox Dropped Down

ich wurde wieder mal gefragt wie man auf dem CompactFramework abfragt ob die Liste einer Combobox angezeigt wird (Dropdown == true). hier ein C# CodeSnippet mit dem dies ausgelesen werden kann: private bool DroppDown(ComboBox comboBox) { Message msg = Message.Create(comboBox.Handle, … Continue reading

MWC Barcelona again Windows CE

I was always excited by the long runtimes and the sunlight readability provided by Ebooks! Yet most of them are not really “programmable” – maybe with the Exception of the Rex (but hey we are not Linux C++ guys).  The … Continue reading

augmented-reality maps Boing Boing

Rizo just showed me something great on augmented reality and bing maps. :TED: augmented-reality maps Boing Boing

Big>Days 2010 – Surface App

  Wir sind heuer als Tourpartner auf der ganzen Tour und wir freuen uns schon auf viele Gespräche bei uns am Stand – aber auch in der Community Lounge, für die wir gerade eine Microsoft Surface Applikation entwickeln. Vor allem … Continue reading