Unrecognized configuration settings UserSettings.

Today I run into a strange error: In an .NET Windows Form I’m referencing a ConnectionString from Application Settings.
At 12:00 it worked.
Changed a line of code; recompiled; started over at 12:01.

The app came up with an error: “Unrecognized configuration settings UserSettings“, the debugger pointed me to the settings file.
Tried a lot. Searched the internet. Found the only working solution:

Navigate to your user’s application data folder, and delete all the config-files belonging to your app.

2 comments on “Unrecognized configuration settings UserSettings.

  1. Also good to know, the user configuration settings are bound to the Application FILE VERSION,… so if you update the Assembly file version this will create a new App data folder for the new version. …/AppData/[Manufacturer]/[ApplicationName]/[FileVersion]

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