Mexico / Mäxchen / Meier

“Thirsty” programmer are the worse and it’s even worse when you want to play a dice game without dices.

Since none of us carries dices with them all the time (just in case we’r in the mood to play with some friends) I descided to make a new game.

Because “we” don’t leave the house without our WM Smartphones ;)

Mexico (en)

aka. Mäxchen (at) aka. Meier (de)äxchen


You can play it with and without your G-Sensor and I also included a small Tutorial and HowTo, I hope you have fun with it.

Here the download:  MexicoSetup

PS.: Für die Österreicher einfach im Installationsverzeichnis den “de-DE” Folder löschen und ihr habt “Mäxchen” statt “Meier” ;)

About Richard Deininger

Experimental Developer, Technical Consultant, EA Addin Bastler

7 comments on “Mexico / Mäxchen / Meier

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  2. Excellent! Post “drinking” rules please. Want to know how much people should drink!

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