Windows Phone 7 RTM

Last week Microsoft published the final version of the all new operating system Windows Phone 7.

Those lucky guys (yes, that’s me!) who own a prerelease of a WP7 phone, can update the phone’s OS to RTM. All the others just may uninstall the Developer Tools Beta, and install the RTM.

Final version ships with e.g. following controls:
- Panorama
- Pivot
- Map (yes, they included a silverlight control for bing maps!)

Upgrading from beta to the final version was quite simple, namespaces stayed the same. I only had to transfer my app from codeplex’s PanoramaControl to Panorama, and PivotControl to Pivot. And as far as I tested the app by now, MS also fixed some bugs (like refresh-bugs, ScrollViewer).

Links: Developer Tools, Windows Team Blog

One comment on “Windows Phone 7 RTM

  1. somebody contacted me for the missing links to the rtm-package in the article.
    answer is: they are there. always were.
    see the article’s last line (“Developer Tools”).


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