LieberLieber AMUSE – Upcoming Feature – Sequence Diagram drives Statemachine

Currently we are working on the Beta Version of the upcoming 1.6 Version of LieberLieber AMUSE for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

We will have a feature to validate your state machine against a scenario defined in a Sequence Diagram.



This sequence Diagram could be used against the ATM Sample from our AMUSEExamples.eap


So we will have the ability to validate state machines against given Scenarios.

2 comments on “LieberLieber AMUSE – Upcoming Feature – Sequence Diagram drives Statemachine

  1. Validating an updated state-machine by a (previously recorded) sequence diagram is a big step towards realistic usage of State-Model simulation in larger projects.

    Larger, and thus more complex, state-machines evolve over time. And its important that you do not risk to loose functionality, which has been already checked, only because some more changes has to be done.

    So a set of sequence diagram covering the already verified functionality can now be used for regression testing after the update of the state-machine. In this way someone can improve his (complex) state machine without being afraid that formerly working stuff gets lost.

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