Windows 8 – how to add libraries on removable media SD/USB

I have a Samsung Slate 7 with 64 GB SSD and some development stuff on it! Disk space is really challenging me! Now that I want to carry music and some videos it becomes almost impossible.

So I purchased an 64GB micro SD – yet found out that I can’t use the Media Player library to add files to my Music or Video collection – today I started to do some research – and I found 4 ways.



Didnot like this “This folder can’t be included because it is on a removable device.”


Solution 1:

Like this Blog suggests create a VHD and mount it – not really what I want to do!


Solution 2:

Use shortcuts to fool the Media Library – as recommended here. Sadly this is not working any more with recent Windows 8. But it lead me to solution number 3.


Solution 3:

Generally you use MKLINK in a clever way – somewhere I read it will not work with NTFS – which I have not verified as my SD is formatted as exFAT. This way can also be found here.

  • Create a Folder on C: – in my case c:\SD
  • In there create a Folder named for your Videos in my Case c:\SD\LLVideo
  • Add this Folder to the Video Library
  • Now delete this folder – yes you read right delete it!
  • Now open CMD as an Administrator
  • Type the following commandline “C:\Windows\system32>mklink /d c:\sd\llvideo d:\llvideo” (adapted for your path of course)
  • Now you should see the following in Explorer:
  • After that I needed to start media player and run the “Scan” with a second try I had to reboot before I could see my videos in the Windows 8 RT apps.
  • Anyway it works for me:


If you have comments or other ways feel free to leave a comment.

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