Ich habe ein tolles Hands-On Lab für Validation Application Block gefunden.

This set of hands on lab should act as your guide to learn about the Validation Application Block and practice how to leverage its capabilities in various application contexts.

There are thirteen exercises (labs) in the package.

  • Labs 1 through 11 deal with a WinForms data processing application which takes the information entered by the user to populate and process Customer and Address business objects. The Validation Application Block is used to validate the created business objects before processing them in gradually more sophisticated ways.
  • Starting with Lab 7 the WinForms validation-integration feature is used to validate the input for the form’s controls directly.
  • Labs 8 through 11 deal with the extensibility of the block.
  • Lab 12 shows how to use the ASP.NET validation-integration feature of the block to validate the ASP.NET control’s values, using a web forms version of the simple data entry application from the previous labs.
  • Finally, for Lab 13 the ASP.NET application works as a front end for a WCF service while the WCF validation-integration feature of the block is used to validate the service parameters declaratively on the server side.