There are some things about Deployment/Setup project everybody knows, but when you need them nobody can remember them.

For example:

  • deploying an application with an specific .Net Framewok:

you need to set both:

  • prerequisits
  • launch conditions

here a good article about the howto:

  • deploying files added to the project (Build Action = Content)

use the “Add Project Output” with “Content Files”


  • making an Updateable MSI Package
    1. Set “DetectNewerInstalledVersion” to True
    2. Set “RemovePreviouseVersions” to True
      (so that the user don’t needs to remove them bevor install)
    3. NEVER change the “Upgradecode”.
    4. only change the “ProductCode” with the “Version” settings
      (VS does this automatically when changing the “Version”)