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In this Webinar LieberLieber Software CEO Daniel Siegl explains how to perform best your UML software project by using the latest releases of Enterprise Architect (Sparx System) and AMUSE (LieberLieber Software). The task of AMUSE is to execute and simulate UML state machines and activity diagrams.

System engineers are faced with major challenges nowadays, due to increasingly complex technical systems. On the one hand they have to let the functionalities desired by the customer flow into the development cycle at an early stage. On the other, they have to perform design synthesis and system verification. The objective in all of this is to keep an eye on the total product, which comprises hardware, software and electronics.

AMUSE was tailored for this challenging activity. “AMUSE supports the complex process of software creation for technical systems rights from the design phase, making projects much more accurate and affordable. Given increasingly complex system designs, it is also important to be able to clearly simulate and test complex behaviour,” explains Siegl.

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