Multitouch HMIs are the greatest innovation for computers since switching from text-based to graphical user interfaces, because they enable a form of natural interaction between user and device as never before.

Unfortunately Multitouch today is often only used to provide demos, show or request existing data or play games. To produce new data, as it is required in engineering activities, Multitouch is not or extremely rare used.

With the introduction of Windows 8, touch screens will be part of every PC within the next 3-5 years. So why not use Multitouch for engineering also?

Beside PCs with touch screen, a new generation of devices are introduced in the market e.g. Lenovos Idea Centre Horizon 27” tablet PC with Multitouch. The pricing of this device starts at 1800€ and this enables a new possibility to integrate a big Multitouch device in meeting room tables etc. for low cost.

LieberLieber Software is an expert in Multitouch software and also an expert in engineering tools for software and systems engineering. So the step for us, to use our know-how to create a new generation of engineering applications, is small.

Below you can see a screenshot of a technology-demo using Multitouch for Requirements Engineering with ReqIF. With this application you can place requirements from your specification document on your work screen using your fingers. Discuss requirement content, change data and create links between the requirements also by using your fingers.


This is just the beginning. Your ideas are welcome! We are able to provide you a customized engineering solution using Multitouch technology fitting your needs.

Be one step ahead and use Multitouch for your engineering now!

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