In automotive or industrial  systems and software engineering, data is often available from multiple sources. When using model-based development with UML or SysML using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect it might be helpful to include data from other sources into the model.

DBC (data base CAN) is a file format and a de-facto standard defined by Vector Informatik to exchange CAN message catalogs between supplier and OEM, often used in the automotive domain.

LieberLieber Software provides possibilities to integrate external data e.g. DBC into your Enterprise Architect models. The created elements, representing the data, can be used for example as a data type for a port or an interface. In the picture below you can see a customized dialog, realized as Enterprise Architect extension to select a CAN signal from a DBC file. The selected signal is automatically included as a special model element into Enterprise Architect for further use.


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